celeb Gossip_pop singer chrisbrown jailed for an assault in washington

Police said they arrested pop music star Chris Brown
early Sunday and charged him with felony assault
after a violent altercation outside a downtown
Washington hotel.
Police spokesman Anthony Clay told AFP that Brown
was arrested “around 4:25 this morning (0825 GMT)
in front of the W Hotel,” a chic establishment near the
White House.
Brown, along with a male companion, got into an
altercation with a third man, and the incident became
violent, according to police.
Brown, 24, and his companion “were arrested and
charged with a felony assault. A victim was taken to
the hospital and treated for his injuries,” the police
spokesman said, adding that the beating victim “had
injuries to his face.”
“They are still in our custody,” Clay said of the pop
star and his friend, who was described by US media as
the singer’s bodyguard.
Brown is the ex-boyfriend of pop singer Rihanna, with
whom he has had a tempestuous on-again, off-again
He was arrested in February 2009 after getting
involved in a physical confrontation with Rihanna that
left her with a bruised and battered face.
He was required, after pleading guilty in court to the
assault, to take part in domestic violence counseling
and sentenced to five years’ probation and
community service


Breaking News)Man kills Mother to become the richest man in AFrica

Detectives attached to the Obosi Police Division in Anambra State have arrested a man, Tonna Enedo from the Umuezeshime royal family in Obosi, Idemili North Local Government Area, for allegedly killing his mother. Enedo spoke yesterday on why he killed his mother. He blamed the incident on his quest to make money at all cost, adding that he was lured into a fraternity. He said he has slept in the mortuary for seven hours as part of the money-making rituals.
Tonna said: “I was asked by the chief priest of the society that if I wanted to be rich, I should go and have fun with a mad woman. I should also go and sleep with a body for seven hours; I should fast for seven days dry; I was told that I would first kill my father and the last stage is that I will go mad and after I might have completed all the condition, I will become the richest man in Africa, if not in the whole world.” He said he met all other conditions and was planning to kill his father when he mistakenly killed his mother. He said it was after he hit a metal on her head that he realised he had killed the woman he loved most. Tonna is a first-born from a divorced home. The parents divorced in 1984. He behaved like a mentally-challenged person in and around Obosi before the incident

Moringa leaves are perhaps the most
nutritious leaves in the world. Eedris
Abdulkareem talk about the miracle tree in
his new single “Moringa”,advocating for good health. This is different from the controversial Eedris Abdulkareem we all know. This is an interesting song,club banger and party
starter any day. I bet you this song deserve few mins of your day


Celebrity Gossip:Dbanj to marry Genevieve

Dbanj is obviously still inlove with Genevieve..He said his plan for Hollywood in a movie called Banga Lee staring Genevieve Lol
He opened up in an interview with Jayne Augoye  of Punch ..Excerpts below
 “Apart from the fact that she is my friend, she has been a part of my success. There is no way you are going to tell my story that Genevieve’s name will not come up because she featured in my biggest song of all time, Fall in Love. So if E True Story comes to Nigeria to interview me, she will definitely be called upon to tell my story.I would love to have Genevieve as my wife.  We never can tell what God plans for us in the future. I have studied her and I realised that anyone that has her as his woman has found himself a treasure. Just like the Bible says, any man who finds a wife, finds a good thing.”

“So much has happened in the last 18 months and I am very thankful to God. By the Grace of God, I have remained relevant for nearly a decade in the music industry and I have released hit songs every year. Also, I am glad that I have been chosen to headline the Hennessy Artistry this year. This is one brand that understands the importance of aligning with the entertainment industry.
My career is barely 10 years old.But with the success I have achieved so far, it feels like three decades already. Within my first 10 years as a musician, I have recorded the biggest song and shot the most viewed music video of all time, ‘Oliver Twist’. I must say I am humbled and getting ready to take over,”

“If I say I don’t miss Don Jazzy, I am lying. I have spent the better part of my career with him. I was married to him in a way (laughs). So I miss everything about Mo’Hits: the family, the movement, and the vibe of being in the studio with him. I miss the jokes and the arguments, but I have since keyed into the notion that nothing can stop a moving train.
“Nevertheless we can always do music together. The track, ‘Top of the World’ was produced by a Grammy Award Winner. The songs ‘Finally’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me Nonsense’ was produced by my producer while ‘Oliver Twist’ was produced by Don Jazzy. So, why won’t I have him on my 10 years anniversary album?
On his success
“I have never said I am a musician; I am an entertainer. Some people say I can pick up a microphone and become a comedian. Therefore nobody should come and ask if I want to go into acting because they should know I am already an actor. It depends on when the right script and concept lands in my hands.
“For now, I am concerned about achieving new things and breaking new grounds. By the time I enter Hollywood, I believe that I’ll become as successful as I have been as a singer. The movie titled ‘I am Banga Lee’, starring Genevieve, to be released in 2014, won’t be a bad idea,”